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A little about me: I am the Editor at Large of The Spectator and a Fox News Contributor where I host “The Ben Domenech Podcast”.

I co-founded The Federalist and served as its publisher for a decade. I also co-founded the conservative group blog Redstate. I am a former speechwriter for HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson and Senator John Cornyn of Texas, and I served as a Fellow at The Manhattan Institute and Senior Fellow at The Heartland Institute. I’ve been published in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Politico, National Review, Commentary, Reason, The New York Post, and many other places. I live in Virginia with my wife and daughter.

For speaking inquiries, please reach out via the folks at United Talent.

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Ben Domenech is Editor at Large of The Spectator, a Fox News Contributor, and host of The Ben Domenech Podcast.