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We All Know The Future of Media is Radio

The J6 Committee's Findings Were Predetermined

The Best TV and Movies of 2022

Will The FTC Strike Back Against Twitter?

RIP, Mike Leach

Running The Red Queen's Race in 2022

Newly Freed Merchant of Death Viktor Bout Mocks The West For Having 72 Genders

The CDC Wants You To Mask Up Again

Another Election, Another Georgia Loss

Another GOP Autopsy Won't Deliver

A Time of Doom and Degrowth

Stop Defending The Guy In The Gimp Mask Praising Hitler

Get Ready For RNC Autopsy 2.0

China's Zero Covid Rebellion

The Case For American Optimism

Patrick Ruffini on Polling Lessons From 2022

Bill Barr vs. His Former Boss

Can Elon Musk Save Twitter?

Nancy Pelosi Plans To Stick Around To Monitor The Youngsters

Trump Is In It To Win It

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What Are You Waiting For? Predict The Future!

Bret Baier on Covering Election Night

2022 is a Contest of The Kitchen Tablet vs. The Kitchen Table

Just Say No To The Virtuals' Creed

Thirty Years Later, Pat Buchanan's Culture War Speech Still Resonates

How Newt Gingrich Took Congress And Changed Politics

Elon Musk Takes Twitter

How Will Democrats Deal With Losing Bigly?

The Most Uncomfortable Debate You May Ever See

We're All Trying To Find The Guy Who Closed Down Schools

Why Boris Had To Be Stopped

The Return of Boris?

Liz Truss Resigns, Tories In Crisis

The Left Faces A Reckoning On Crime

America Failed To Listen To Obama's Warning About Joe Biden

How The Nury Martinez Scandal Fallout Could Break L.A. Politics

How Scott Gottlieb Tried To Cancel His Covid Critics

Candace Owens Isn't Fighting The Culture War, She's Fighting For TMZ Coverage

Tulsi Gabbard's Ex-Friends

Tulsi Gabbard Leaves The Democratic Party

Joe Biden Warns His Donors Of Doomsday

Yes, U.S. Landfalling Hurricanes Have Declined

Herschel Walker And The New GOP Standard

Putin's Fantasy Of Russia As Anti-Western Bulwark

How The Biden Administration Is Inviting A Putin Nuke

Putin Annexes Territories, Ukraine Plans To Join NATO

Is Joe Biden's Policy Increasing The Likelihood of Nuclear War?

Who Blew Up The Nord Stream Pipelines?

Can The Courts Overturn Biden's Student Loan Gifts?

Italy's New Leader Shows The Weakness Of American Conservative Rhetoric

Is Trump About To Open Up His War Chest?

Guest Post: Andor, Sam Harris, and The Trumpian World

How To Win A Culture War

Will Ron DeSantis Miss His Moment?

Florida Woman Casey DeSantis On Culture Wars, Covid Wars, And More

A Nation of Crybabies

Sorry Politico, Democrats Aren't Winning The Culture Wars

Remembering 9/11: "Let's Go Chase Tornadoes"

On The Queen And Her Ignorant "Anti-Colonialist" Critics

"A Special Kind Of Courage"

"Now, God Be Thanked Who Has Matched Us With His Hour"

Partisan Hack Gives V For Vendetta Speech

Rick Scott Fires Back At Mitch McConnell

DOJ Stumbles Toward Indictment

Democrats Turn To Biden As Popularity Rebounds

Shane Gillis: The Comedian From Somewhere

Democrats Turn On Biden's Student Loan Handout

The Media's Frame For 2022 Is "Dobbs Regret". Here's Why It's Wrong.

An Unforgiveable Act Of Arbitrary Debt Redistribution

Anthony Fauci Leaves Behind A Failed Generation of Schoolchildren

Mitch McConnell Will Crush Trump's Fantasies Once Again

Prestige TV, 1999-2022

Nuclear War Or A Paper Cut?

Mole Hunt In Mar-a-Lago

You're Saying It Was All About The Papers?

Open Up Curly, This Is A Raid!

The GOP's Red Wave Gets Tangled Up In Blue

Louis C.K. Returns

The New Right's Foreign Policy Challenge

Do Republican Voters Want More Than Lip Service To Populism?

China Responds To Nancy Pelosi With Warships, Missiles, Drills

Joe Manchin's Heel Turn

The NatCons Are Here To Stay

Trump Failed The Pandemic Test That Ron DeSantis Won

The Transom Book Club: The Right Stuff, Part I

Who Has The High Ground?

The Mainstream Left Has Embraced Violence As A Viable Option

Finland, Sweden, And America First

Prince Harry Should Sit Down Already

Do Arizona Voters Prefer DeSantis To Trump?

A Conversation With Walter Russell Mead

Bring Back Firing Squads For Dereliction Of Duty

Will 2024 Repeat 2016's Fragmentation?

What Comes After Boris?

Lessons From The President Born On The Fourth Of July

The Greatest Light Since the Star of Bethlehem

Woke Authoritarianism and Corporate Abortion

"An Underground Railroad For Abortion"

Overturning Roe: Premiering Now On Fox Nation

The End of Roe Is Just The Beginning

Happy Birthday, Clarence Thomas!

Did John Cornyn Just Risk His Leadership Future?

Free Speech And Picking Sides

Summer Book Club Announcement!

How We Gave Up On The Future

Warning: Contains High Test Schadenfreude

Latinx Propagandists Attempt A Spanish Radio Coup

"Nobody Is In Danger": Nancy Pelosi Dismisses Targeting Of Supreme Court

The Transom Book Club: David Mamet's Recessional

An Assassin Came For Brett Kavanaugh, And Joe Biden Promised Revolution

FIRE's Greg Lukianoff On The Fight For Free Speech

Joe Seethes Upon Realizing He's Unpopular AF

A Conversation With J.D. Vance

The Biggest Loser In Depp v. Heard: The ACLU

A Note From Nashville

Do You Feel In Charge?

"The minute you saw him standing there framed in the doorway, you knew."

The Frustrations Of The Broken-Hearted

Watch: Norm Macdonald Had A Secret

The Long Defeat

Stagnation In A Utopian Era Of Choice

Taiwan Will Roil The Right's Foreign Policy Pullback

I Was Sued Over A Joke Tweet And I Won

When You Control The Mail, You Control... Information!

The Democratic Party Turns On Itself

What Happens After Roe?

The Blatant Lie Behind The Senate Vote To "Codify Roe"

A Conversation With Douglas Murray

The Transom Book Club Update

The Chardonnay Antifa Abortion Freakout

Louis CK's Insight On The Left's Deplorable Mistake

Which Norms Will Survive Joe Biden?

The Transom Book Club With Yuval Levin

A Conversation With Bill Barr

You Lost Because You're Evil

May Will Test Donald Trump's Primary Powers

Who Has Moved More, The Left Or The Right?

Why Is Ron Klain So Bad At His Job?

"You Built That!" Reconsidered

A Gray Day In Eagle Pass

How Should Republicans Fight The Woke Corporate Culture War?

Russia's Ukraine War Shifts Southward

The Bro With A Brain

The Future Of America First Foreign Policy: An Interview With Sen. Bill Hagerty

The Mask Mandate Ends, For Now

What Happens If Trump's Endorsements Fail?

The Sinking Of The Moskva Is A Historic Loss

The Left Lost Hispanic Voters When It Chose To Be The Party Of White Woman's Instagram

On Inflation, Is Blaming Putin Really All The Democrats Have?

Matthew Kroenig On NATO's Future And The UN's Failure

Media Elites Struggle To Build Walls Around The Public Square

"You Give Us Weapons, We Sacrifice Our Lives"

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott On The Coming Border Chaos

Welcome To Cold War II

Only Well-Armed Resistance Against Russia Will Achieve Peace In Ukraine

Ugly Options For Biden In Ukraine

Victor Davis Hanson On War In Ukraine

Joe Biden And The Death Of Expertise

A Conversation With Ian Prior: The White House vs. Florida On Parental Rights

Book Club Zoom Link: Charles Portis's True Grit at 8 PM

What If AOC Is Right?

Negotiations Begin In Turkey

Biden's Regime Gaffe

Onward And Upward

Defining Women

America Sends In The Killer Drones

An Interview With Tulsi Gabbard

The Russian Tire Problem

The Jacksonian Return

Mud And Thunder

The Madman At MOMA

Why Putin Isn't Using Conscripts In Ukraine

Understanding Putin's Inner Circle

From SXSW: Big Tech Hypocrisy Is Booming

The Working Class Voter Problem

Book Club 2022 Update

Ukraine, The New Right, And Defending The West

Ukraine, The New Right, And Defending The West

Biden's Short-Sighted Energy Agenda

Is It Dangerous To Have An Agenda?

Will Trump Turn Hawk On Ukraine?

Book Club Zoom Link: James Burnham at 8

The Machiavellian Approach To The Ukraine War

"You Will Lie Down Here With The Seeds"

The Ukraine Kompromat Predicament

The Trucker Panic

Once Again, Joe Biden Has Failed A Basic Foreign Policy Test

Once Again, Joe Biden Has Failed A Basic Foreign Policy Test

Book Club 2022 Update

Republicans Should Ask Winsome Sears To Respond To The State Of The Union

Winsome Sears Should Respond To Joe Biden's State Of The Union

Does Trudeau Even Want The Protests To End Peacefully?

The Parents Are Restless And They Must Be Crushed

East Coast, West Coast, It Turned Out Everyone Was Mad

Justin Trudeau Brings Breck Girl Authoritarianism To America's Hat

Johann Hari & Taking Back Your Attention Span

In 2022, The Torch Will Be Passed Whether You Like It Or Not

In 2022, The Torch Will Be Passed Whether You Like It Or Not

How America Is Drinking Itself To Death

The Politics On Covid And Kids Changed, Not The Science

Erich Schwartzel on China's Dominant Censorship Of Hollywood

Erich Schwartzel & China’s Censorship Of The Film Industry

When It Comes To Joe Rogan, The Real N-Word That Matters Is ‘No’

The Only N-Word The Cathedral Cares About Is "No"

Neil Young Finds Out It's No Fun To Be The Man

The 2022 Book Club Begins

Good News Everyone! I Have Terrible News!

Elite Panic In The Cathedral!

The Eppur Si Muove Problem

Shannon Bream & The Future Of The Supreme Court

How Long Does Joe Rogan Have?

The Right And What It Means To Be A Man

Blame Aaron Sorkin For How Lefties Argue

Blame Aaron Sorkin For How Lefties Argue

Stephen Breyer Creates Election Year Challenge For Biden

Mike Sielski & The Changing Sports Media Landscape

The Stupid SOB Moment Says A Lot About This White House's Failure

A Book Club

You Saw And You Know

Navalny, Defiant

Novak vs. Australia

Julie Gunlock & The Next Era Of Education

Why Did Scientists Suppress The Lab Leak Theory?

The Treadmill Inflation Gap

They Were Wrong All Along

The Federalist Staff Predictions For 2022

America's Incompetent Ruling Class

Jan. 6 And The Curse Of Whataboutism

January 6th And The Curse Of Whataboutism

I-95 And Institutional Failure

A Conversation With Tim Stanley

Tim Stanley: The Paradox Of Tradition