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The Democrats' Israel-Shaped Headache

The Mythology We Teach Our Kids

Democratic Worries Spike

Ukraine's Difficult Path

Democrats Are Tired of the Hunter Sideshow

Yes, D.C. Progressives Lost The Capitals and Wizards to Virginia

How Zelensky Hurt His Cause

Aid or No, Ukraine Inches Closer to Negotiated Peace

Hunter Biden Keeps Impeachment Alive

Thunderdome in Tuscaloosa, Tuberville's Last Stand, Trump's Bye Year

Is Having Children a Political Choice?

Podcast: Henry Kissinger's Legacy

DeSantis vs. Newsom: The Best Debate of the Cycle

Henry Kissinger's Century

Foreign Policy Joe Just Gets No Respect

Here Comes Hunter, In Control

Will We Remember 2023 as The Year of Big Labor?

Osama Bin Laden, TikTok Genius

The Republican Red October

Joe Manchin Shouldn't Just Flirt With Running For President

Thunderdome: Will the West Virginian Upend 2024?

Election 2023: An Off-putting Off Year

What Hasan Minhaj's Fall Tells Us About Truthtelling Comedy

Will Arab Americans Turn on Joe Biden?

The Speaker's Radical Foes

What Comes Next for Speaker Mike Johnson?

Sure, Mike Johnson, Why Not?

Thunderdome: Middle East War, Speaker Chaos, and Migrants Take Manhattan

Cancel Culture and the Pro-Hamas Students

What Israel Must Do in Gaza

Anti-Semitism and the West

A Must-Watch Speech From Douglas Murray

Thunderdome: A Primary Roiled by Foreign Events

The Ascent of Steve

Israel and the Danger of Western Distraction

The False Return to Normalcy

Thunderdome: Will Hill Chaos Matter in 2024?

Kevin McCarthy Stabbed By The Hateful Eight

Will Republicans Squander Historic Lead on Key Issues?

Will RFK Run as an Independent?

Thunderdome: We Need Better Debates

Post-Debate Conversation Zoom Link

Post-Debate Conversation!

Travis Kelce Has Brought Taylor Swift Back From Troy

The Importance of Being Kendi

Zelensky's Impossible Task

Did Trump Just Make A Big Mistake?

Hot Labor Summer Rolls On

Donald Trump Doesn't Need The Pro-Life Movement Any More

The Old Distrust The Young, The Young Distrust Themselves

Thunderdome: Hunter Biden's Indictment, That Ignatius Column, and Impeachment Time

Do You Detect a Vibe Shift?

The Return of Covid Insanity

Kamala Harris Just Revealed How Extreme Democrats Are On Abortion

Democrats Have a Clear Non-White Voter Problem

Thunderdome: How Do You Sing A Song That Says "Vivek"?

Shane Gillis and the Return of the Dawgz

Democrats are Winning White Voters, but Losing Others

Book Club Update, New Spectator Issue, and More

Thunderdome: Hurricane Politics

Imagining a World Without Children

Within the Culture Wars, Abortion Stands Out

Inmate Number P01135809 For President

Thunderdome Debate Edition: Lightning Rod Vivek

Douglas Macgregor and Ukraine's Missing Children

2024: Donald or Hunter for Prison?

The Supreme Court Under Fire

Podcast: The Future of Media with Matt Taibbi

The Right's Richard Hanania Problem

Thunderdome: Barstool Conservatives, Polling the Issues, Florida vs. California

Is 2024 the Revenge of the Normie Voter?

NYT Interview: The Future of Conservatism

Who's Really In Charge At The White House?

The Most Important Barack Obama Piece You'll Ever Read

Democrats Play With Fire By Nominating Trump

A Mockery of Justice

When Streamers Have to Cancel Shows, They Tell Us Something

Thunderdome: Why DeSantis Needs Normalcy and Populism

For A Better Marriage, Put Down Your Phone

Pop Culture Armageddon

Why Do Some Libertarians Hate Chris Rufo?

Did The Trump Electors Do Anything Wrong?

Thunderdome: Ron Attempts a Reset

Poll: Majority of Americans Back Ukraine in NATO

American Politics Has A Three Stooges Problem

The Changing Way We Understand Death

Thunderdome: Shall We Try a Little Roleplay?

Tucker Carlson's Sockless Masculinity

Two Viral Moments From Two Americas

Who's Got The Money?

Thunderdome: Cocaine and Cocaine Accessories

SCOTUS vs. Joe Biden

Thunderdome: Republicans Can't Quit Trump, Or Won't

Are The Walls Closing In On Joe Biden?

The Mass Hysteria of the Human Rights Campaign

Markwayne Mullin Will Totally Fight You

Hunter Biden Sold Access, But Did He Deliver?

Thunderdome: Throw the Book at Trump, Slap the Biden Wrist

The Inexorable Weight of Being Hunter

Hunter Biden Pleads Guilty, Dodges Trial for a Slap on the Wrist

The U.S. is an Outlier on Trans Kid Policies

The Two Immovable Objects of 2024

Thunderdome: This Trump Indictment Seems Different

A Day of Infamy and Idiocy

Why the Trump Case Won't Be a Rocket Docket

Trump's Indictment is Strong, but Should Never Have Happened

An Ill-Mannered Indictment

Thunderdome: Christie the Kamikaze, Pence the Puritan?

The Biggest Merger in Sports in a Generation

Why Mike Pence Is Running

Book Club Update! What We're Reading Next

Absent Trump, Iowa Embraces Normalcy

The Trump Brain Trust's Theory of the Race

Thunderdome: We Have A Podcast Now!

Trump Goes Savage On DeSantis' Covid Policies

The Best Deal, A Bad Deal, Or Just A Deal?

Texas Republicans Go To War With Each Other

The Transom Book Club Starts Now!

This Is Thunderdome: A new challenger enters!

Book Club On The Media And More

Team Biden and the Media Don't Understand the House Republicans

Why Nancy Pelosi is Keeping DiFi in the Senate

NatCon Goes to London

John Durham's Belated Vindication of FBI Critics

National Conservatism vs. Anti-Authoritarian Populism

Lost in San Francisco

CNN Forgets Everything They Learned Once Again

The Left Built The Systems That Failed Jordan Neely

Douglas Murray On Victimhood and Resentment

The Limits of Elite Media

Inside Taylor Sheridan's Pricey Paramount Empire

On Star Wars Day, The Question of Art in the Universe

Washington University's Transgender Center Demands Investigation

How China Is Influencing American Higher Ed

Joe Biden Fumbles Toward Re-Election

The Book Club Is Back!

Kevin McCarthy Is Pretty Good At This

Quick's The Word and Sharp's The Action

Joe Biden Begs Republicans To Choose Trump

The Realignment That Never Came

BuzzFeed News And The End of an Era

Thunderdome 2024: Waiting To Rumble

What Don Lemon Doesn't Get About Gun Rights

Does Bud Light Show Trump Plans To Dodge The Culture War?

How Do You Deal With A Problem Like Dianne Feinstein?

BREAKING: Cornyn, Thune, Barrasso Jockey To Replace McConnell

Be All That You Can Be Is Not A Recruitment Solution

Those Troublesome Discord Nerds

Legal Clash Over Abortion Medication Hides A Disturbing Truth

Don't Underestimate the Cost of Indicting Trump

A Surreal Day In Gotham

Seeing The Elephant in New York City

Waiting For The Mugshot

Democrats Finally Indicted Donald Trump - Will They Regret It?

The TikTok Battle Is Joined

The IRS Comes for Matt Taibbi

What Is The Republican Party's Foreign Policy?

Ronnie Fires Back At Donnie

The Banality of Arresting a Former President

When Will Ron DeSantis Respond to Donald Trump's Insults?

The United States' Maternal Mortality Travesty

Needed: A New Word For "Wokeness"

Ron DeSantis Wades Into Ukraine Policy

Confrontation With Mexico Gains Momentum

Confronting The Truth About Mexico's Failed Narco State

Europe And America Aren't Ready For Great Power Conflict

Covid Censorship and Manufacturing Consent

Trump's Five Point Plan To Stop DeSantis

A Special Offer: The Transom + The Spectator

TikTok Could Be The Test For China Select Committee

Waiting For DeSantis

Will There Be Consequences For Lab Leak Censorship?

One Year Into The Ukraine War, What Have We Learned?

Welcome to Thunderdome 2024

Biden Ran To Be The President For The Forgotten Middle, Not Ukraine

The NYT Isn't Woke Enough, Claims Open Letter

Cat Ladies And Their Enemies

"I feel like I’m falling forward into an unknown future that holds great danger."

Patrick McHenry on China, Entitlement Reform, and the New GOP Congress

Let's Hear It For Football

Your Own Money Was Used To Silence You

Congress Just Showed Free Speech Isn't Bipartisan Any More

Joe Biden Yelled Without Saying Anything Meaningful on China

What Will Joe Say About China?

Don't Look Directly At The Balloon

Hunter Biden Admits: It's Mine

Fun Times At Joe Biden's Beach House

Life Goes On

The Time To Take On TikTok Is Now

Mike Gallagher's China Challenge

Joe Biden's Got a Brand New Special Counsel

Andrew Tate and Prince Harry Are More Alike Than Different

Will The Motion To Vacate Disrupt The House?

A Surprising Comparison of Ukraine War Funding

The Sisyphean Speakership

Will GOP Rebels Take The Win Or Ask For More?

Does The GOP Face a Long Slog To a Pyrrhic Victory?

The Hard Part About Playing Chicken Is Knowing When To Flinch

Trump Blames Pro-Life Success For His Endorsement Failures